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What Types of Insurance do I need as a Student in Germany?

What Types of Insurance do I need as a Student in Germany?

What Types of Insurance do I need as a Student in Germany
What Types of Insurance do I need as a Student in Germany
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Aside from managing the financial aspect of your studies in Germany, taking out the right types of insurance is an important part of studying in Germany. Since most of these types of insurance are not covered by your parents existing insurance during your stay here, you will need to cover them yourself. For this reason, we prepared a list of essential types of insurance to take out while studying in Germany.


If you wish to learn more about taking out German health insurance, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on the subject: Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany.



Health Insurance


Taking out health insurance is obligatory for all students in Germany. You will need to provide proof of a recognised health insurance when enrolling at any university.


Most students in Germany are covered by public health insurance. You are generally allowed to choose between public and private health insurance at the beginning of your studies. Both offer affordable student tariffs for the duration of your studies. Since public health insurance only offers student tariffs until the age of 30, we recommend taking out private health insurance if you are 30 or older. With SIGNAL IDUNA private health insurance, you are allowed to study affordably until the age of 39.


Bear in mind that you cannot switch from public to private health insurance and vice versa once you have settled on one for the duration of your studies. If you already know that you will turn 30 during your studies in Germany, it is recommended to choose private health insurance from the beginning. If you decide to take out public health insurance and turn 30 during your studies, your student tariff will end and you be required to pay the full premiums.


If you come from an EU country, your current health insurance is likely sufficient for studying in Germany. This is the case if you own a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Your health insurance provider should issue you a certificate that proves the validity of your current health insurance. In general, and especially in case you are not from an EU country, is best to check with your International Office (“Akademisches Auslandsamt” or AAA) whether or not your health insurance is recognised in Germany.



Private Liability Insurance


Having a liability insurance can be a lifesaver when you accidentally break something that is not yours. In Germany, you are legally responsible to pay for bodily injuries or damaged or destroyed property that you have caused. More than often, these accidents can exceed your student budget. This is where your liability insurance steps in and covers the cost in your stead. This applies to personal injury, damage to property, and financial losses.


We recommend checking beforehand whether you are already covered by a similar type of insurance in your home country that is also valid in Germany, or if you should take out private liability insurance in Germany. You can take out SIGNAL IDUNA private liability insurance online (contract form in German) for as little as 3,38 € a month.


Home Contents Insurance


To protect your belongings at home from theft, vandalism as well as damage by water, fire, and storm, we recommend taking out a home contents insurance. It can also cover costs that arise from gross negligence. If for example your washing machine leaks water that then damages your furniture, electrical devices or even clothes and food, your home contents insurance will cover the costs. You can take out SIGNAL IDUNA home contents insurance online (contract form in German) starting from 1,41 € per month.



Occupational Disability Insurance


Even as a student, an accident or an illness can leave you unfit for work. In this case, your studies. Disability insurance is mainly recommended for those who plan on staying in Germany for a long time. It provides you with financial support in the form of an accident pension and several other services that support you during your recovery as well as in case of a lasting disability. Taking out occupational disability insurance as early as during our studies leads to long-term affordable premiums as opposed to later in life. With the SIGNAL IDUNA disability insurance, these affordable conditions will stay with you even when you start your first full-time job.



Accident Insurance


If you are not planning on staying in Germany but still want to take out disability insurance for the duration of your stay, SIGNAL IDUNA also offers an affordable “pur” tariff for their SIGNAL IDUNA accident insurance. It covers basic costs of accidents that require medical care and provides you with financial support for the duration of your recovery. You can take out your SIGNAL IDUNA accident insurance online (contract form in German).



Trouble choosing an insurance or closing a contract? We can help!


At si24, we are happy to guide you through the process of picking out the right types of insurance for your stay in Germany. We will answer all of your questions in English or walk you through the German contract conclusions for our insurances. Contact us under 05132-946 0000!

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